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ATL: “Mejerierna missar spannmålståget”

Tord Karlsson, ATL, skriver i sin ledare: “Veganrörelsens osakliga drev mot djurhållning i allmänhet och mjölkproduktion i synnerhet är trist och destruktiv och skapar en onödig polarisering. Seriösa företag borde hålla sig för goda för att spela med. Men denna konflikt kan tyvärr skymma sikten för mejeriföretagen så att nödvändiga framtidssatsningar inte blir gjorda.”

Han skriver vidare: “Mejerier har expertkunskap vad gäller att packa och transportera vätskor och andra kylvaror och en direktingång i butikernas kyldiskar. Det skulle kunna användas till flytande livsmedel gjorda på spannmål.”

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Forbes: ”The Battle Begins As Agriculture Evolves: Milk From A Cow vs. Milk From Plants”

Excerpt from article:

The Trump administration’s 2,200-page omnibus spending bill, which the president signs into law contains yet another test of our standards of identity, this time on dairy products. That includes directing the FDA to develop labeling standards for dairy products.

This fight is between the Plant Based Foods Association and the National Milk Producers Federation, which have focused on whether non-cow-milk beverages (made from soy, almond, pea protein, coconut and other sources) can legally contain the world “milk” on their labels.

The milk producers say the existing legislation for the standard of identity is not being enforced on these other milks, and NMPF president and CEO Jim Mulhern said in a press release: “It’s high time that we end the blatant disregard for federal labeling standards by marketers of nutritionally inferior dairy products. The language in the congressional budget will help. The language in the congressional budget bill will help ensure action on the matter by FDA after years and years of inaction.”

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Danone completes the sale of part of its stake in Yakult for €1.3 billion

Danone announces that, as a successful outcome to the transaction previously communicated on February 14th, 2018, it has sold a total of 24,600,000 shares of Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd. (“Yakult”), for an aggregate amount of JPY175 billion gross proceeds, representing c.€1.3 billion, and corresponding to a valuation multiple of 39 times Yakult’s 2017 net income. In line with Danone’s capital allocation priorities, proceeds from the transaction will be used to continue on its deleveraging path and to invest in accelerating organic growth and maximizing efficiencies towards 2020 for sustainable value creation.
As a result of the transaction, Danone’s stake in Yakult’s outstanding share capital is reduced from 21.29% to 6.61%. The investment will continue to be accounted for using the equity method under IFRS. 
Danone and Yakult will maintain their long-term partnership and enhance their collaboration activities. Danone remains Yakult’s largest shareholder and will nominate two directors for approval at the Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

Probi has signed a long-term agreement with Johnson & Johnson for the development of a probiotic product

ProvivaThe rapid growth of the probiotic segment and new exciting research on the importance of human microbiota have increased the interest from pharma companies, and their consumer health care divisions, in probiotic product development.

The Lund based Probi, wellknown for the bacterial strain behind Proviva, has over 25 years experience in the successful development of clinically substantiated, health enhancing probiotics. To further expand Probi’s product development pipeline and commercialize its strain portfolio, Probi has signed a long-term development agreement with Cilag GmbH International, a member of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies.

The parties will jointly initiate a probiotic development program. The program will be funded under non-disclosed financial terms by Cilag GmbH International and Probi will contribute with probiotic expertise.

Fortsatt framgång för skyr

image-dollaDen isländska produkten skyr sprids över världen. Det senaste vi hör är att Arla Foods Ingredients tagit fram en produkt som ska hjälpa kinesiska mejerier att tillverka och sälja produkten i Kina och med en smak som är anpassad till befolkningens preferenser.

Amerikanska Siggi’s är ett exempel på produktens spridning. Bland andra aktörer kan nämnas isländska Isey skyr.

Cheese added to the Anchor brand

For years milk, butter and yoghurt have all been part of Fonterra’s Anchor range and now cheese is coming into the fold.

As well as the traditional Tasty, Colby and Edam, there are two new additions – Protein+ and Zero Lacto.

Zero Lacto cheese has been introduced as an additional option for Kiwis with lactose intolerance. While most hard cheese is naturally low in lactose this is batch tested to ensure there is no lactose, providing a guaranteed lactose free cheese option.

Protein+ has 26 per cent more protein than Anchor Tasty and is an easy way to increase protein in the diets.

New deep-freeze warehouse in Niebüll Germany part of expansion plan for European cultures plants

On March 12, the official ground-breaking ceremony for a new deep-freeze warehouse took place at the site of the DuPont Nutrition & Health (Danisco Deutschland GmbH) in Niebüll, Germany. The new storage center is part of a joint project, which reflects the co-operative efforts of the sites of Epernon, France and Niebüll, Germany to secure additional capacity in cultures for yogurt, fresh fermented and cheese industry customers around the world. 

“The investment of around 7 million Euros ($8.6 million) forms part the previously announced $60 million expansion plan for European cultures plants. We count on a combination of local planners and regional specialist companies to realize this important plant extension, building upon the overall logistics of the plant”, says Reinhold Sand, Niebüll site manager, DuPont Nutrition & Health. 

Unilever moves HQ to Holland

Unilever, one of the UK’s best known corporate giants, has announced it will be consolidating its legal headquarters in Rotterdam, dealing a sharp blow to Britain’s status as a European business hub ahead of Brexit.

The consumer goods giant, which is the UK’s third largest company and has up until now been based in both the UK and the Netherlands, says that it was shaking up its corporate structure. Under the changes it will operate three divisions. Its beauty and personal care division, as well as its home care division, will be based in London, while its food and refreshment division will be based in Rotterdam. 

SiccaDanica acquires ACO and Daniatech

SiccaDania announces 100% acquisition of ACO-Service and ACO-Engineering activities. Through this acquisition, SiccaDania gains control over important value chain elements such as manufacturing and installation of the solutions supplied to the customers.

With more than 2000 spray dryer installations worldwide for leading suppliers such as GEA, ACO is the most experienced company in the world in its field. By bringing SiccaDania and ACO together, engineers, fabricators and installation specialists will be able to work with clients from the design stage through to fabrication and installation. The SiccaDania organisation now employs over 300 people.

SiccaDania has also acquired the activities of Daniatech. This acquisition is an important milestone in the development of SiccaDania as supplier of process equipment solutions to the global Dairy & Food Industries. The addition of the Daniatech mixing technologies to the portfolio further completes SiccaDania’s ability to offer full process lines to the customers.