Strong summer news from Skånemejerier

Skånemejerier is introducing an extra intense variant of their Rike® cheese this summer, which the dairy developed and first launched in 2022.

According to Skånemejerier, Rike® is gaining more shelf space and has surpassed several traditional cheese varieties like Svecia in sales. Skånemejerier refers sales data from the analysis bureau Nielsen, highlighting Rike’s success. As a result, the dairy is expanding its range of this popular cheese by offering more aging options.

Rike is currently available in mild, medium, and aged versions. The new addition to the lineup is Allerum Rike® Extra Intense.

When the hard cheese RIKE® from Skånemejerier and Allerum was introduced in 2022, it was described as an entirely new type of cheese: ‘based on a completely new recipe with unique fermentation and bacterial culture, setting it apart from classic Swedish cheeses. The consistency is creamy, but the texture is firm without any holes, making it excellent for slicing with a cheese slicer. RIKE® is characterized by its creamy and rich profile, with balanced acidity and saltiness, and a distinct umami flavour,’ according to the description.

Skånemejerier presents several other new product launches from their wide range of brands this summer. The new products come from Allerum, Bravo, Salakis, and Skånemejerier. Read about the new launches HERE