New collaboration will pave the way for the agriculture of tomorrow

On July 1, Lantmännen’s Viken Future Farm will join Arla. Concurrently, a new partnership between Arla and Lantmännen will begin, aiming to drive the development of sustainable and productive dairy farming in Sweden.

– Through the collaboration at Viken Future Farm, Lantmännen and Arla aim to contribute to the entire industry’s green transition. Our goal is for Viken to achieve fossil-free, productive, and profitable milk production. In 2021, we and other industry partners highlighted the potential for the future of Swedish dairy production. Strengthening this collaboration and demonstrating practical future solutions at Viken is a natural next step. We know that the goals are technically feasible, but it requires genuine market responsibility and political support to realize them broadly, says Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainability at Lantmännen.

At Viken Future Farm, Arla and Lantmännen can test methods and inspire dairy farmers to advance. Through Arla’s FarmAhead program, which provides farm-level climate data and financial incentives for sustainability measures, and Lantmännen’s expertise and solutions for future agriculture, along with collaboration within Agronod, Viken Future Farm can pave the way for the entire industry’s transition.

Viken Future Farm is Lantmännen’s dairy farm, home to 440 dairy cows and 450 heifers and calves, with 365 hectares primarily used for forage crops. The farm has ongoing feed trials for Lantmännen’s feed development.

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