Milk production increased by two percent last year.

The amount of Swedish milk delivered to the dairies in 2023 was the largest since 2016, while the amount of organic milk decreased significantly, according to ATL referring to new statistics.


After a few years of decline, the trend seems to have turned for Swedish milk production.

We finally have momentum. We’ve had many years when it was the opposite with declining production. We still have fewer farmers, but there’s more milk. Something good is happening, says Peter Kofoed, head of LRF Milk, to ATL.


In the statistical report from the Swedish Board of Agriculture on Animal Production in 2023, the following summary can be read: ’In 2023, 2,818,500 tons of milk were weighed at the dairies. Just over 13 percent, or 361,300 tons, of the total weighing consisted of organic milk. The total milk weighing increased by 2 percent compared to the figures for 2022, while the weighing of organic milk decreased by 21 percent compared to the full year of 2022.’


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