Increased interest in Swedish produced food

The preference for Swedish food is strong, especially for dairy products, according to a recent survey from LRF.

The results of the survey, conducted by Verian on behalf of LRF, show that almost three out of four consumers already purchase Swedish-produced food at least once a week, while one out of ten does so daily. The results show both which goods the Swedes prefer and why they prefer to buy Swedish food.

When asked, ”Which foods do I prefer to buy ’Swedish’?” dairy products rank highest (84%), followed by meat, chicken, cheese, and vegetables.

Regarding why the respondents buy Swedish goods, most respondents answer that there is less climate impact from transportation (60%). This is followed by responses such as ”To strengthen Sweden’s self-sufficiency’. ‘Because it’s Swedish’. ‘Less antibiotic use’. ‘Better animal welfare.’

According to Anna Karin Hatt, CEO of LRF, the growing demand is an important step in strengthening Sweden’s food preparedness.

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