Arla Minor celebrates its 30th anniversary

Over the past 30 years, nearly 1.2 million children have visited farms through the Arla Minor program.

Students in grades 1–3, accompanied by their teacher, can visit a dairy farm through the Arla Minor program. During these visits, children get to experience farm life, interact closely with the animals, and witness the process of milk production. This farm visit is considered an integral part of their education, with educational materials also available for download.

Typically, most farms are booked when teachers directly contact the farmers. However, in densely populated areas like Stockholm and Gothenburg, Arla facilitates bus transportation, and visits can be booked through the company’s website.

Presently, approximately 150 farms welcome around 25,000 schoolchildren annually through the program.

Pehr Hansson owns a farm outside Kungsbacka and has been part of the program since its inception. In 2023 the farm hosted around 1,500 children.

– Many people, especially in big cities, have lost touch with agriculture, which used to have a closer connection in the past. The Minor visits serve as an excellent opportunity for children to gain insights into animals, nature, and farm operations, Pehr Hansson says.

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