Filmjölk with gingerbread flavor is available in stores

Swedish dairies are ready with this year’s filmjölk variation with gingerbread flavor. A sure sign that Christmas is approaching.

Filmjölk with gingerbread (pepperkake) flavor is a Swedish tradition. Originally, people used to crush their gingerbread cookies into filmjölk, but in recent years, dairies have made it easier by simply adding the flavor.

The dairies producing this special variant have different interpretations of the history and myths surrounding gingerbread. For example, Falkøbing Dairy writes on its website that:

”Gingerbread recipes were first found in Swedish cookbooks in the 18th century, and in the 19th century, gingerbread became associated with Christmas.

According to a myth, eating gingerbread makes you kind, and gingerbread was highly valued throughout the Nordic countries, especially by royalty. King Hans of the Union was said to have been prescribed gingerbread by his doctor to improve his bad mood”.

Skånemejerier tells the story of gingerbread, mentioning that the first gingerbread cookies were baked by nuns in the 14th century and were consumed as medicine. Skånemejerier also shares myths about gingerbread: For example, if you break it into three pieces in your hand, you can make a wish.

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