Arla Pro will elevate Swedish gastronomy

Arla Pro partners with Swedish National Culinary Teams and the Junior Culinary Team.

Arla Pro, the foodservice operation of the dairy cooperative, has recently announced its partnership with the Swedish National Culinary Teams and the Junior Culinary Team. This collaboration aims to bolster culinary development in Sweden by supporting and nurturing the country’s gastronomic talents.

The Swedish National Culinary Teams have maintained a stellar culinary reputation over the past two decades, consistently performing at the highest level on the global stage. In the 2022 Culinary World Cup held in Luxembourg, the Culinary Team clinched a silver medal, while the Junior Culinary Team secured an impressive fourth place. Arla Pro’s association with these exceptional teams is geared towards fostering continuous growth, providing inspiration, and enabling Swedish chefs to reach new culinary heights.

– We are very excited to be a part of these amazing teams representing Sweden in international culinary competitions. There is a strength in our culinary teams working together, and we look forward to harnessing the teams’ knowledge and sharing it with our customers. We share a passion for great food, and with our focus on professional kitchens combined with top-quality dairy products, we can use the insights from the culinary teams to help our customers reach the next level in their cooking, says Catarina Molin Österlund, Marketing Manager for Foodservice at Arla.

Arla Pro has extensive experience collaborating with chefs, pastry chefs, and bakers, developing products and solutions that meet their demands for quality, taste, sustainability, and functionality.

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