Students shall learn where the food comes from

‘The Farmer in School weeks’ have started, and more than 45,000 students will learn more about where their food comes from.

During the month of October, more than 45,000 students in approximately 250 out of the Sweden’s 290 municipalities will get the opportunity to learn about food production.

The number of participants has surprised the organizers.

– The interest has far exceeded our expectations for the first time we are doing this on a national level, which is fantastic! The initial goal was set at 20,000 students, so we have far surpassed that, says Johanna Hovnert, project manager for the Farmer in School program.

– Additionally, 70 percent of the teachers who have registered themselves and their students have not used the Farmer in School program in their teaching before. In other words, we are reaching a large new audience who hopefully will continue to use the Farmer in School program in their teaching in the future.

The initiative consists of a national activity called the Farmer in School weeks. During the month of October, teachers and students will be able to enjoy exciting films, challenges, treasure hunts, games, and facts about where food comes from, the forest, and why we need farmers.

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