Gold Medals for Svedjan Ost

The championship in Mathantverk 2023 was decided in Borås on October 19. One of the winners was Svedjan Ost AB, and it was not the first time the small farm dairy proved its worth.

At the Open Swedish Championships in Mathantverk 2023, gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded to the best products in different categories. In the Dairy category, Svedjan Ost AB distinguished itself with top placements and two gold medals in blue mold cheese and hard yellow cheese, respectively.

The verdict for the blue mold cheese, Svedjan Rustic, was as follows: ”A cheese that is well-rounded with high intensity, fine texture, and surface. A well-made, well-balanced craft cheese that can speak for many!”

Svedjan Gårdsost in the category ’Swedish hard cheese’ received the following verdict: ”An incredibly beautiful cheese with a lively surface full of color schemes. It is a bold cheese with brave and good craftsmanship behind it. Fresh and aromatic, the flavors are clear with fine sharpness. A worthy representative of Swedish hard cheese!”

The couple behind Svedjan Ost AB, Pär and Johanna Hellström, produce cheese from milk produced by their cows on their own dairy farm in Västerbotten. The couple started farming in the 1980s with only 19 milk cows, which grew to 40, delivering to Norrmejerier. The idea to do something different with the milk grew, and in the early 2000s, they reached out to Eldrimner, the national resource center for artisan food.

– Then followed an exciting time of educational journeys and training. In 2010, we started building a small dairy accommodated within an old barn in the village, they write on their homepage, explaining how they were inspired by an educational trip to a dairy farm in France.

Svedjan Ost AB has refined their craftsmanship and succeeded in producing award-winning cheeses throughout the year.

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