Nutrient Concern Among Young Swedes

A new survey conducted by Kantar Public on behalf of Skånemejerier reveals that every other young Swede is concerned about experiencing a lack of various nutrients.

The survey by Skånemejerier (Skåne Dairies), shows that 52 percent of young Swedes aged 18–29 years are worried about a lack of nutrients. Nearly one in seven (15 percent) also purchase protein supplements several times a month. According to Anette Gregow, Director of Communications and Sustainability at Skånemejerier, milk can be the answer to these worries.

– We need to increase consumer knowledge about the bioavailability of foods, which refers to how well the body can absorb the nutrients present in foods. There’s concern about nutrient deficiency, but the truth is that consumers often don’t need supplements. Generally, one can meet their nutritional needs with completely natural products at a good price, says Anette Gregow.

Anette Gregow also emphasizes the need to enhance knowledge and guide consumers in understanding how much nutrition different foods provide relative to their price, as well as the climate footprint of foods in relation to their nutritional content.

She states that a comparison of price, nutritional content, and climate impact among different beverage options reveals that consumers get the most protein for their money with milk, compared to plant-based alternatives. Milk also contains more nutrients, with all nutrients except vitamin D occurring naturally. The comparison also shows that the climate footprint of Swedish milk in relation to protein content is on par with – or even slightly lower than – that of oat and soy drinks.

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