Norrmejerier’s new category manager – from bread to cheese

Sophie Wassberg has taken on the role of the new category manager for cheese at Norrmejerier. She comes from the position as marketing manager at Polarbröd, where she dedicated 16 years of service.

Among Sophie Wassberg’s new responsibilities as the head of the cheese category at Norrmejerier are the development of the cheese range and the management of the esteemed crown jewel, Västerbottensost. She officially assumed this role on August 7th.

Norrmejerier is making significant investments in cheese production, focusing on the creation of entirely new cheeses, flavours, and concepts. This effort aims to establish a competitive milk price for Norrmejerier’s owners – the Norrland dairy farmers. Presently, a majority of Norrmjerier’s milk raw materials are directed towards cheese production, which also mirrors the consumption trends among Swedes.

Sophie Wassberg expresses her enthusiasm for the opportunity to apply her expertise in branding, communication, innovation, and leadership in a fresh context. Even though she is now collaborating with new colleagues, she remains within the realm of food and foodstuffs. She perceives Norrmejerier as a company that upholds wholesome values and is dedicated to the right causes, a sentiment that holds personal importance for her.

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