Arla Sweden welcomes 15 new dairy farms

The cooperative Arla Foods has 8,500 farm-owners in Northern Europe, of which 2,100 are Swedish. During the year 15 newly started dairy farms will join the family.

Despite tough times for the dairy farmers and a shaky market situation, Arla is optimistic about the future of Swedish milk production. In the coming year, the dairy cooperative will take in 15 newly started dairy farms – four in Jämtland, four in Hälsingland, three in Jönköping County and one each in Bohuslän, Värmland, Västernorrland and Skåne. In total the new farms have approx. 1100 cows.

– We have very limited opportunities to bring in new members to Arla. Therefore, it feels extra important to be able to use the opportunities of supporting the milk producers of the future and now welcome 15 newly started farms to the cooperative, says Lisa Ehde, responsible for agricultural and member affairs at Arla Sweden.

When someone takes over an existing ‘Arlagård’, that person automatically becomes a member of the cooperative. Arla currently has limited opportunities to accept farmers who want to switch from other dairies. But these 15 dairy farms are starting from scratch and then it is a different situation.

– We need to secure the food supply in Sweden and at the same time contribute to feeding the rapidly growing population in the world. If we are to succeed in this, more Swedish milk is needed in the long term. That’s why it feels good that more farmers want to start up and invest in milk, says Lisa Ehde.

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