Many Swedes worry about food shortages in Sweden

Three out of ten Swedes are highly concerned about a possible future food shortage in Sweden, according to a new survey conducted by Kantar Public for Skånemejerier.

Environmental conflicts and economic uncertainty have brought the discussion about Sweden’s self-sufficiency in food to the fore. Every second Swede (50 percent) has little confidence in Swedish food production providing the entire population with food in the future, according to a new survey conducted on behalf of Skånemejerier.

The survey also shows that three out of ten Swedes (29 percent) experience a high level of concern about a possible future food shortage.

Recently, Skånemejerier AB has noted that milk and dairy consumption is decreasing, and that many consumers choose cheaper imported alternatives.

– Unfortunately, many people opt out of the locally produced. It is not only a negative development for Swedish food security – because it could lead to fewer Swedish dairy farms – but also from a sustainability perspective. By choosing locally produced, you promote open landscapes and a vibrant countryside, Cecilia von Perglas, CEO at Skånemejerier, says and continues:

– We want to encourage those who can choose Swedish production so that we secure the future of Swedish agriculture.

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