GB Glace gets undesirable prize for ”secretly” changing recipe

GB Glace’ gets the anti-prize ‘Årets matbluff 2022’ (the food scam of the year), because it has changed the recipe and removed milk products from it’s BigPack ice cream, without clearly announcing it.

GB received almost half of 18,000 votes for the food scam of the year 2022. The motivation for the nomination was:

”GB has changed the recipe for its classic Big packs, to one with a lower climate footprint. At the same time, they have removed all milk products, which many would expect an ice cream like this to contain. This is only apparent if you examine the back of the package. The milk products have been replaced with, among other things, water, and pea protein. ’May contain milk’, it says comically but completely correctly, after the list of ingredients.”

– GB talks a lot about the positive aspects of the change, that the product has a lower climate footprint. But apparently there are many consumers who feel that the change of one of the main raw materials is a deterioration, which has happened by stealth. Even for those who want to avoid milk, it would be easier to find the product if this was made clear, business manager Björn Bernhardson from the organisation Äkta vara (Genuine Goods) adds.

Behind the food scam prize is the consumer association Äkta vara, which pushes for genuine food, more honest products, and fewer additives. The association is known from the Ä mark and the anti-prize Food scam of the year, which was started in 2015.

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