Gäsene Dairy is recalling grated cheese

The Suspicion of Listeria has caused Gäsene Dairy to withdraw a batch of grated cheese from the shops earlier this week (week 3).

A press release from Gäsene Dairy announces:

’Since we always want you as a customer to feel safe when it comes to our products, we choose to recall ’Rivost’ with the label ’best before 14/3-2023, Batch 23000’, as it is suspected that Listeria monocytogenes can be present.

It is also said that the dairy, together with the company that grates the cheeses, is in the process of investigating where the possible Listeria bacteria comes from.

The dairy emphasizes that no Listeria has been found in whole chesses in the Dairy.

Gäsene Dairy is known as Sweden’s smallest dairy association, owned by 24 farmers around Ljung, where the dairy has been located ever since. 1931.

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