Norrmejerier calls on organic farmers to convert to conventional production

Norrmejerier has a surplus of organic milk even though the supply has decreased. Now, organic farmers are asked to switch to conventional production.

At Norrmejerier, the volume of organic milk decreased by 4.3 percent during the first half of 2022. But it’s still too much, says Göran Olofsson, Norrmejerier’s chairman of the board, to

– The Swedish consumption of organic products has generally decreased for a long time, in favor of locally produced products. As it is today, we pay compensation for organic milk which can then be sold as conventional, because there is simply not enough organic milk being bought. We must try to adjust the volumes, he explains.

Therefore, the cooperative dairy is calling on organic farmers to convert to conventional production. Almost 50 of Norrmejerier’s 330 active milk suppliers are currently engaged in organic production.

– We aim to halve the volume of organic milk compared to when it was at its peak a few years ago. Some of organic farms have said they are willing to switch to conventional, Göran Olofsson says.

Also, as consequence of the rising costs for the farmers, Norrmejerier has decided to raise its milk price by 15 öre from the first of December to 5.43 SEK per kilo The increase refers to the base price for all suppliers, while the supplement for organic milk of 70 öre is unchanged.

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