Arla will be asked to move the giant cheese at Boxholm

Since 1995 a giant Cheese, placed at the driveway to Boxholm, has been the landmark for the town. Now the municipal board demands that Arla remove it

The municipal board in Boxholm has decided that the old oil tank, painted as a Boxholm cream cheese, must go. This is reported by ATL with reference to Corren. The giant metal cheese is still owned by Arla but stands on the municipality’s land through a right of use, which means there is a time limit on how long it can remain, the municipality claims. The municipal board find that the advertising sign is falling into disrepair, and that the land needs to be used for other purposes.

In 2019, before Arla moved the cheese production, the dairy company contacted the municipality and offered to sell the cistern, but the municipality refused, because it would involve costs for demolition and cleaning up. ATL has asked Arla for a comment, and Arla’s press manager Max Wallenberg answers ATL in a SMS:

– We have not heard anything from the municipality about the cistern. We will have to look at it when we do, he writes.

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