New communication manager at Norrmejerier

Petra Kangas, who is currently communications and sales manager at Norrlandsoperan, will be new communications manager at Norrmejerier in spring 2023.

– The climate threat and the troubled world situation have made self-sufficiency a burning issue, it has never been as important to choose food from Swedish farmers as it is now. I look forward working at Norrmejerier, which so explicitly wants to be a guarantor of a living landscape and locally produced, sustainable food, Petra Kangas, future communications manager, says.

Since the beginning of October, Norrmejerier also has a new CEO, Gerhard Bley, with a background at Kavli, Arla Foods and Arvid Nordquist. Among his priorities is a thriving Norrland, where Norrmjerier’s dairy farmers contribute to increased employment, prosperous nature, and stable Swedish food production.

– Norrmejerier is a significant part of the food supply not only in Norrland, but in all of Sweden. In times like these, it becomes even more important to establish the Norrland added values with consumers and customers – Petra will be an important asset in that work, Gerhard Bley, CEO of Norrmejerier, says

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