Arla’s milk price is unchanged in February

The payment that farmers receive for their milk within Arla remains unchanged in February, both for conventional and organic milk.

The milk price to Arla farmers stays at the same levels as in January. This means that the so-called aconto payment in February will be 483.5 öre per kilo for conventional milk and 550.5 öre per kilo for organic.

Cecilia Kocken, CEO of Arla Sweden, acknowledges that many dairy farms are economically affected by extreme weather, increases in interest rates and a generally high-cost situation. She hopes that consumers become more aware when the buy food.

  • The best thing consumers can do to support Swedish farmers, strengthen Sweden’s food preparedness, and contribute to the transition to a more sustainable food production is to actively choose products from farmer-owned companies like Arla, she says in a press release.

According to the press release, global milk volumes continue to decrease, but not as much as before. Volumes within the EU are expected to increase due to the anticipated seasonal increases during spring, and the grocery trade continues to recover. The market for organic products continues to recover, it states.

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