Arla wants to buy parts of the Semper factory in Götene.


Arla has initiated negotiations with Semper, a part of the Swiss Hero Group, regarding the acquisition of the group’s facility in Götene, Sweden.


The Semper factory in Götene produces various types of porridge, baby formula, infant milk substitute, gluten-free mixes, and milk powder for other food producers. Hero Group intends to close down production in Götene, prompting Arla to commence negotiations to acquire parts of the facility located next to the dairy.

  • These discussions do not involve taking over any brands, customers, or products. We are only interested in acquiring the equipment necessary for producing milk powder for industrial markets, says Marika Lifbom, the manager at Arla’s dairy in Götene.

Arla also want to buy the land and the buildings. Employees of Arla and Semper were informed about the plans Tuesday, and local labor negotiations have commenced.


– Götene dairy is one of Arla’s largest facilities in Sweden with approximately 450 employees. Therefore, we are continually looking for new colleagues, and we will do what we can to support local jobs in Götene, says Marika Lifbom.


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