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Valio gets €30 for research

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has agreed to lend up to EUR 30m to Valio, the Finnish dairy company, for its research, development and innovation investments related to nutrition, functionality and health impacts of dairy products. Furthermore, these investments aim to ensure better food security through innovative solutions for more efficient food production.

Valio’s investment programme focuses on research activities in the fields of dairy chemistry and technology, nutritional expertise, product development and consumer preferences. It also includes purchases of piloting equipment for laboratories, systems dedicated to implementing the research and innovation programme as well as technology licensing expenses. The research and development activities will be carried out at Valio’s existing facilities in Helsinki.

Study: Eating lots of cheese does not raise cholesterol

Irish people who eat a lot of cheese do not have higher cholesterol levels than those who don’t, according to research carried out at University College Dublin by Emma Feeney.

The findings of the new study indicate that those who eat large amounts of cheese consume higher amounts of saturated fats. However, the researchers did not find that eating large amounts of cheese led to increased blood LDL cholesterol levels.

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Nordisk Mejerikongres næsten udsolgt

Nordisk Mejerikongres 2017 er tæt på at være fyldt op, så hvis du alligevel går og overvejer, at du gerne vil med, så kom til tasterne inden det er for sent.
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Nordisk Mejerikongres finder sted den 7.-9. juni 2017 på Axelborg i København.
Det fulde program ligger klart og byder på indlæg af højt fagligt niveau og prominente oplægsholdere fra hele verden Den officielle kongresåbning er torsdag d. 8. juni, hvor Arlas topchef Peder Tuborgh byder velkommen.

Ankomstdagen d. 7. juni byder bl.a. på en sjældent og spændende virksomhedsbesøg på Chr. Hansens fabrik i Avedøre. Program for virksomhedsbesøg kan ses HER.

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Innovation: fluid-repellent, antibacterial, metal surface

A European team of researchers led by the University of Parma, together with a network of partner companies, including the company of Vicenza Ecor Research, is developing the first fluid-repellent, antibacterial, metal surface in the world, bringing us one step closer to production of appliances and machinery for the food industry self-cleaning.

The innovation aroused within the TresClean project (High throughput laser texturing of self-cleaning and antibacterial surfaces) promoted in the framework of the community program Horizon 2020. The team was inspired by the mechanisms with which some plants, such as Lotus, make their leaves fluid-repellent.

TresClean team uses high-average power ultrashort-pulsed lasers to create on metal sheets a surface topography conceived to duplicate the Lotus leaf surface and to prevent liquid adhesion.

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Arla brand grows most in UK

Arla branded products recorded the largest growth of any of the 100 UK grocery brands listed, achieving growth of £37m in 2016. The Arla brand portfolio grew almost four times that of the next closest brand (Pepsi, £8.5m), reflecting a strong sales performance of volume driven growth of 7.6 per cent last year.

The Arla brand is the 21st most valuable grocery brand in the UK as it debuts in The Grocer’s prestigious Britain’s Biggest Brands index, an annual report of the UK’s 100 most popular names in food and drink. The achievement is in line with Arla’s UK Strategy 2020, the organisation’s most ambitious business strategy, aiming to create the Arla brand into a top household name by 2020 and establishing itself as the champion of British dairy.

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Påskekrim på 15 millioner melkekartonger

PaskekrimÅrets påskekrim pryder hele 15 millioner melkekartonger. For syvende år på rad er det krimforfatter Gunnar Staalesen og Donald-tegner Arild Midthun som skaper krimgåten hele Norge bryner seg på i påsken. Den kjente og kjære Ulf Ulvheim, en snartenkt privatdetektiv med oppklaringsprosent på lik linje med Harry Hole, har hovedrollen.

Om lag 200.000 forbrukere sender inn svar på krimgåten hvert år og engasjementet øker fra år til år.

Two dead in listeriosis

The CDC reports that 6 people infected with the outbreak strain of Listeria monocytogenes have been reported from Connecticut, Florida, New York and Vermont. Illnesses started on dates ranging from September 1, 2016, to January 22, 2017. All six people were hospitalized and two people died. Ill people ranged in age from less than one year to 89, with a median age of 55.

Information gathered from interviews asking about foods eaten by individuals taken ill, along with testing of cheeses collected from an individual linked to the outbreak, from a retail location, and from Vulto Creamery, indicates that Ouleout soft cheese is the likely source of illnesses associated with this outbreak.

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Study: 3D printing of processed cheese

A recent study in the Journal of Food Engineering explores how 3D printing affects the structure of processed cheese. How gross would 3D-printed Velveeta nachos be? A bevy of researchers from University College Cork in Ireland decided to find out.

They melted a commercially available processed cheese (think American cheese, not cheddar) and put it through a modified 3D printer that printed the cheese out at either a fast or a slow speed. The cheese was printed out into cylinders that were then cooled for 30 minutes and put in the refrigerator for a day. After that 24-hour refrigeration period, the researchers took the cheese out of the fridge to check its texture and chemical structure.

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Mjölkrapporten från LRF Mjölk

Trots fortsatt minskad global produktion och stabil efterfrågan sjunker världs- marknadspriserna. I Sverige fortsätter mjölkpriserna uppåt. Rapporten handlar om konsumtions- och produktionsutvecklingen inom mjölk- och mejerisektorn samt effekterna för de svenska mjölkföretagen. I fördjupningsdelen beskrivs hur prissvängningar påverkar mjölkföretagen.

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