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Raisio to continue the group structure renewal

Raisio Group continues to focus on healthy foods according to its strategy. The company divested its confectionery business in December 2017 and is now considering a sale of its feed business as one strategic alternative. Until now, Benecol and Healthy Food businesses have operated as separate organisations and will now be combined into a single Healthy Food Division. During the spring 2018, the company will also initiate measures to simplify the Group’s legal corporate structure.

Pekka Kuusniemi, Raisio Group’s President and CEO says: “To ensure Raisio’s organic growth, we are going to move from a holding-type structure to a model in which all resources are targeted toward supporting the strategic objectives of the Healthy Food Division. Raisio also seeks growth through acquisitions that suit our core business.”

Rasio’s Q1-2 EBIT €14.0 million, raised outlook

The most significant part of the improved EBIT results from the acquisition of Benecol consumer product business in the UK, Ireland and Belgium in November 2014. In Poland, profitability of the Benecol business improved due to our streamlining efforts. Benecol’s launch in China, in turn, opened the door to the market of the world’s most populated country. It also supports Benecol’s strategically important expansion to new and growing markets of Asia after the South-Korean launch in February 2015, CEO Matti Rihko says.

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