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EDA position on potential policy applications of the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology

The Dairy Product Environmental Footprint (Dairy PEF) has been driven by the European Dairy Association (EDA) as a major project to better identify the most relevant environmental impacts of different dairy products in examining a broad array of environmental criteria. It covers the full life cycle (cradle to grave) for dairy products.

Reasons for the PEF exercise and key learning The aim of the Dairy PEF has been to develop a methodology from within the sector for assessing the environmental impacts of products, realising a simple and workable tool for all actors involved and all external bodies interested. It represents a cooperative effort of all stakeholders along the whole chain, building on the sector’s several years’ experience of environmental improvement. It is launched towards a European and global dimension. The Dairy PEF aims to provide a harmonised approach for measuring environmental performances of products and should be used as an improvement tool for the performance of the overall sector. It also shows the positive outcomes resulting from the collaboration of the different stakeholders along the chain.

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European Dairy Association sends letter to EU Commission President–The Single Market for milk is not functioning

The chairman of the European Dairy Association, EDA, Michel Nalet says in the letter that the Single Market for milk and dairy is no longer functioning the way it should.

In the letter M Nalet says: “We deeply regret that our industry is now faced with numerous national mandatory origin labelling laws forcing especially dairies in so-called border regions to revise their milk collection strategy. “

He continues: “ What we can see now is a wave of national laws destroying the EU Single Market for milk and dairy, starting with France and Italy, and followed by Lithuania, Greece, Finland, Romania, Portugal and Spain. “

Regarding nutritional labelling he says: “As dairy industry we see no logic or consumer benefit in a nutrition labelling scheme where a diet soda drink ranks better than drinking milk. “

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EDA Annual Convention 14th – 17th November 2018 Dublin

European Dairy Association, ASSIFONTE and Dairy Industry Ireland invite to the EDA Annual Convention 14th – 17th November 2018 Dublin.

The title of ‘A Green Future for European Dairy’ has been chosen as the theme of this year’s convention – perfectly fitting in with Ireland’s long-standing and unique grass based dairy system, where sustainable farming, mild climate and luscious landscape lie at the core.

This convention will bring together Europe’s most influential thought leaders in the areas of Dairy and Agriculture from across industry and government. Speakers at this convention will include EU Agriculture Commissioner Mr Phil Hogan who will give the key note speech at this year’s European Dairy Platform.

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EDA and Dairy UK want no Brexit divorce

Dairy UK and the European Dairy Association EDA have jointly developed a ‘Future UK-EU Dairy Framework’ setting out the outcomes the dairy sector hopes to be achieved in the current negotiations between the UK and the EU. 
It is our main priority that the relationship between the EU and the UK remains as close as possible to the status quo after Brexit and throughout a transition period. 

The UK should preferably remain part of, or at least as close as possible to, the EU Single Market and the Customs Union.  This would secure the free movement of milk and dairy products between the EU and UK with no tariffs or quotas from either side for milk and dairy products, and limit non-tariff barriers to trade (SPS/TBT) as much as possible. The EU and UK should have no (significant) divergence in the regulatory sphere when it comes to policies affecting dairy and dairy products and a level playing field should be sustained. 

As they debate the future relationship between the UK and the EU, we urge decision-makers on both sides of the Channel to take these observations into account and to do all they can to avoid damaging our industry – and not to harm the consumers we serve. Don’t Spill the Milk.

EU approves EDA Guidance for ‘Cheese as raw material’

The European Union approves EDA Guidance for ‘Cheese as raw material’ and ASSIFONTE ‘Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines for Processed Cheese’

“The EDA guidelines for ‘cheese as raw material’ are a concise and state of the art compendium on the high safety and quality of cheese as raw material within the processing industry. These guidelines are completed by the ASSIFONTE ‘Good Manufacturing Guidelines Practice for Processed Cheese’, which set an EU benchmark and a best practice manual for the processed cheese industry. Both guidelines, that will be translated into all 23 official EU languages, underline the global leadership of the EU cheese and processed cheese industry also when it comes to safety and quality”, stated Alexander Anton, secretary general of EDA and of ASSIFONTE.

The EU Dairy Sector calls for EP support for the new rules on Total Diet Replacement (TDR)

The EU dairy sector represented by EDA (the European Dairy Association) and supported by EWPA (the European Whey Processors Association) has always backed the new rules on slimming foods/total diet replacement (TDR) proposed by the European Commission, in particular by the new recommended minimum protein content of 75 g/day for TDR products.

This protein recommendation reflects the latest science as stated in the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Scientific Opinion1. Given the EFSA conclusions, EDA and EWPA highlight that a minimum protein content at 75g/day would ensure that TDR products are safe and efficacious for their intended use.

The particular importance of the new Regulation for the dairy sector is that, for the first time, protein quality has been acknowledged in the European Regulation, reflecting the status of the latest nutrition science. In addition, the new Regulation also establishes a strong link between the need for high quality protein diets for weight reduction and control.

European Dairy Ambition–a summit in Nice

At the EDA European Dairy Platform on 2nd December 2016 in Nice more than 220 dairy executives and experts from the European ‘lactosphère’ gathered. More than one third of the EU milk volumes processed per annum was represented at owner, president or CEO levels.

Some of the presentations are made public, i.e. by Daniel Jaouen, General Manager – Lactalis Group. He reveales a lot of interesting figures on the company.

SNE and EDA regret the European Commission’s lack of will to propose specific rules for Young Child Formula

Specialised Nutrition Europe (SNE) and European Dairy Association (EDA) are deeply concerned that the European Commission’s report on Young-Child Formula fails to recognise that specific legislative provisions are needed for specialist formulae for young children aged 1-3 years, and urge the European Parliament and Council to demand action.

“The failure to regulate Young-Child Formula with specific rules at EU level may have unintended negative public health consequences, as these products will no longer be differentiated from other products for general consumers which are not necessarily designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of young children” stated Roger Clarke, President of SNE.

In light of the Commission’s Better Regulation strategy – which values extensive stakeholder consultation to ensure the development of EU rules when required – SNE and EDA deeply regret that the Commission has not recommended specific rules for Young-Child Formula, and that the Commission has thus failed to take into account the views of numerous stakeholders who requested this action including national governments, NGOs and industry.  

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