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Sustainable water management

Danish food industries has continuously secured the top rankings for being the most innovative food sector of the world due to their highly sustainable processing and technical solutions that also includes the efficient ways for water utilization at the production sites. World leading food companies such as Arla Foods, Carlsberg and Danish Crown are all set to share their perspectives on sustainable water usage and the challenges and opportunities associated with the successful water management at the world congress to be held in Herning, Denmark, 14th – 15th November, 2018, simultaneous to the renowned IFC and Food Tech that attracts 8,000 visitors from around the world each year.

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Study: Whey water recovered up to 47 per cent

The study demonstrates the viability for recovering good quality water from whey, a highly pollutant cheese-making by-product, to be reused in cleaning-in-place systems. The results obtained in this study indicate that by using a combined ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis system, 47% of water can be recovered. This system generates protein and lactose concentrates, by-products that once spray-dried fulfill commercial standards for protein and lactose powders. The physicochemical and microbiological quality of the recovered permeate was also analyzed, suggesting suitable properties to be reused in the cleaning-in-place system without affecting the quality and safety of the product manufactured on the cleaned equipment.

The findings provide scientific evidence to promote the safety of reuse of reconditioned water in food processing plants, contributing to building a culture of water conservation and sustainable production throughout the food supply chain.

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