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Tetra Pak and Veolia partner to get all beverage carton components recycled

Tetra Pak has joined forces with global resource management company Veolia​ in a game-changing partnership that will enable all components of used beverage cartons collected within the European Union to be recycled by 2025.

The average beverage carton comprises around 75% paperboard, 20% plastic and 5% aluminium foil. But while the fibres recovered during recycling have a healthy market when converted into high-quality paper pulp for use in both industrial and consumer products, the same is not true for the recovered polymer and aluminium (PolyAl) mix.

Within the scope of the new partnership, the extracted PolyAl will be processed at dedicated facilities and converted into raw materials for applications within the plastic industry. In this way, the overall value of used beverage cartons is expected to double, making the value chain for collection and recycling more efficient and viable.

The Tetra Pak and Veolia partnership will start in the EU and expand to more markets around the World.

Tetra Pak Separators with Encap technology slash energy consumption by 40%

Tetra Pak has reduced the energy use of its separators by 40%, by incorporating a breakthrough pressure management technology, Encapt™​, into the systems’ design.

The Encapt technology lowers the atmospheric pressure around the spinning bowl using a low-pressure pump, and the system is supervised by sensors that keep air friction minimal. Less friction means less energy required.

Combined with a unique AirTight design inside the bowl, where the whole system is hermetically sealed to ensure no air enters. With the inlet at the bottom, and the outlet at the top it saves the centre for outlet flow, and so requires less energy.

Tetra Pak launches new packaging material effects to help brands attract shoppers’ attention

Tetra Pak has launched a suite of new packaging material effects, known as Tetra Pak® Artistry, to help food and beverage producers revitalise the look and feel of their products.

These effects help brands attract shoppers’ attention without the need for the manufacturer to switch to a new packaging format or invest in new equipment.

Tetra Pak Artistry will include:​

  • Tetra Pak® Reflect: to incorporate holographic effects onto the package
  • Tetra Pak® Metallized: to create a metallic effect
  • Tetra Pak® Craft: to give the package the natural look of bare paperboard with wood fibres

More offerings are in the pipeline, including Tetra Pak® Sculpt, an embossed surface texture for an innovative consumer experience.

​The whole range of effects will be available for the majority of Tetra Pak package formats and offered to customers worldwide.

Super Leaders, read about them in the Tetra Pak report

Super Leaders – a newly-defined digital community of early adopters and brand amplifiers – are now the most influential group in building, or eroding, brand preference, according to the Tetra Pak Index 2017. Companies that fail to engage with Super Leaders in the right way risk missing the opportunity to harness their influence and help them build their business.

Brands need to focus their online engagement on a new generation of influencers if they are to thrive in a connected, information-saturated world, according to the Tetra Pak 2017 Index. The company has identified a group of Super Leaders, the most influential subset of the wider online community. When engaged, these influencers can become brand advocates to spread messages, shape opinions and help build trust in products.

The report shows that third-party, user-generated content is becoming increasingly important, and is often more convincing than direct communications from brands. By engaging the Super Leaders, brands can concentrate their resources on a smaller group, while reaching a wider connected audience. As case studies in the report illustrate, many brands have already begun this approach.

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New Condition Monitoring Service from Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak has launched a new Condition Monitoring service to help food and beverage manufacturers predict machine failures before they occur. This cuts machine downtime and costs related to maintenance or unexpected failures.

A true game changer based on Microsoft Azure Cloud, Tetra Pak’s Condition Monitoring service provides real-time analysis of operational performance data from more than 5000 connected filling machine lines around the world. This is then used to advise customers on their maintenance needs in a more timely and effective way than was previously possible, allowing them to order parts in advance, schedule manpower, and plan other repairs during the scheduled downtime.

Tetra Pak Launches Two New On-the-Go Packages

tpa250-dc26-iced-coffee-mintTetra Pak has launched two new portion size packages, the Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 200 and 250 Edge with DreamCap™ 26.

Building on the Tetra Prisma® Aseptic 330 ml with DreamCap™, the new packages offer consumers smaller size options with the same re-sealable one-step closure for an optimised drinking experience.

Skånemejerier byter till miljösmart kartongflaska

wn6gsfxjktht6mgqgvy1Skånemejerier är först med att lansera den nya FSC®-certifierade kartongflaskan – tillverkad av Tetra Pak av förnybar råvara. Steg ett i skiftet från plast till kartong berör över 2 miljoner förpackningar.

Fram till idag förpackas drickyoghurten i en plastflaska, med betydligt större miljöpåverkan. Den nya flaskan är tillverkad av en större andel kartong istället för bara plast. Bytet gäller till att börja med 2,1 miljoner förpackningar som används för Skånemejeriers drickyoghurt, vilket innebär en minskning med drygt 45 ton plast.

Den nya förpackningen är gjord av kartong från FSC-certifierad skog och andra kontrollerade källor och är 40% lättare än de traditionella plastflaskorna. Kartongflaskan är framtagen med yngre generationer i åtanke som värderar både miljöaspekten och möjligheten att ta med sig produkten på språng.

Tetra Pak sees strong performance in 2015 in spite of global headwinds

Tetra Pak’s revenues reached €11.9 billion in 2015, a rise of 7.5% on the previous year, as a strong business performance helped overcome the impact of continued challenges in the global economy. Positive currency impacts accounted for 6.3% of the increase, but the company also reported soli​​d growth in both Services and Processing Solutions, while its Packaging sales advanced at a more modest rate.

Revenues from Packaging Solutions totalled €10.1 billion in 2015, a rise of 6.4% compared with the previous year, with particularly strong growth in Technical Service. In spite of the more challenging global economic environment, sales of packaging materials were slightly higher, with 184 billion packs sold in 2015 compared with 180 billion in 2014.

The Processing Solutions division saw revenues reach €1.7 billion in 2015, the highest in Tetra Pak’s history. All five of the company’s geographical clusters grew, with double-digit growth in both Greater China and Greater Middle East & Africa. Processing Technical Sales & Service revenue was particularly strong, with a 17.0% increase, at prevailing rates, compared with the previous year.

Services revenues, which combine Packaging and Processing Solutions, reached €1.2 billion in 2015, with strong growth in new categories. These include production line upgrades, consumables such as lubricants and adhesives that are used in production, and expert services, which are directed at improving operational performance.

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Tetra Pak acquires Laude

Tetra Pak has acquired Laude, a market leader in the design, development, and manufacture of plastic moulds used in hard and semi-hard cheese production. The acquisition will strengthen the company’s position as the world’s leading provider of complete solutions for cheese manufacturing, and will extend the availability of Laude products in the global market.

Laude was established in 1962. Based in Ter Apel, The Netherlands with 38 employees, the company is at the forefront of cheese mould design and supply.

Laude will form part of Tetra Pak Cheese and Powder Systems. It will remain in its current location and will continue under the leadership of Auke Rienks and his existing management team.​