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Fazer: “Healthy foods and new protein on the rise in Nordic countries”

Healthy foods and new protein sources are on the rise in Nordic food trends. Although healthiness and sustainable choices are seen as important, glamour and indulgence play a part as well.

According to the results of Fazer’s recent Future of Food 2019 report, 41% of the Finnish respondents,  reported they would be interested in favouring plant-based proteins, such as seitan, pulled oats and soya meal to protect the environment (23% in Denmark and Norway, 31% in Sweden).  Furthermore, no less than 28% of the Finns surveyed would be interested in removing meat from their diet or only eating meat as an exception to protect the environment (18% in Denmark and Norway, 23% in Sweden). Individual health needs stand out in Finland, as more than half (54%) would like to eat food with nutrient profiles customised for their own needs.

Next Nordic Dairy Congress in Copenhagen

NordicDairyCongresNext Nordic Dairy Congress takes place in Copenhagen on June 7 – 9 2017. To prepare you for your participation do not hesitate to visit the congress’ homepage.

The web page will be the window for the Nordic Dairy Congress. The main purpose is to introduce potentiel participants to the programme, the stay, accomodation, speakers etc.
Secondary the Nordic Dairy Council will be introduced and historical data about the dairy congresses will be available.

The URL is