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Fonterra goes to India

Fonterra has announced a joint venture partnership with one of India’s largest consumer companies, Future Consumer Ltd, to produce a range of consumer and foodservice dairy products that will help meet the growing demand for high-quality dairy nutrition in India.

“It will allow us to prepare the groundwork and make the most of our expertise as we enter the world’s largest and fastest growing dairy industry. Consumer demand for dairy in India over the next seven years is set to increase by 82 billion litres – seven times the forecasted growth for China”, says Lukas Paravicini, Fonterra’s Chief Operating Officer Global Consumer and Foodservice.

Future Consumer Ltd is part of the Future Group which is leading the way in India by developing a new retail experience for consumers, with plans to launch 1,100 stores this year. The stores will be within close proximity of target consumers, and feature a complete digital experience both in-store and through a virtual market place.

Arla in a joint venture with Indonesian company

Arla Foods is set to strengthen its business in Southeast Asia by establishing a joint venture with PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (“ICBP”), one of the leading fast-moving consumer goods companies and dairy players in Indonesia.

Southeast Asia is a strategic growth region in Arla Foods’ strategy, Good Growth 2020, and the company is now taking another step towards building its business in the region. The newly signed joint venture agreement with ICBP is set to expand Arla Foods’ presence in the Indonesian market.

The new joint venture company is called Arla Indofood Sukses Makmur. The shareholding composition of the joint venture will be 50 per cent plus 1 share of the company to be owned by Arla Foods and 50 per cent minus 1 share by ICBP. The joint venture will handle sales, distribution and production of dairy products.

Arla ökar i Indonesien

Genom ett joint venture med PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbkm, ett av de ledande företagen för snabbrörliga konsumtionsvaror, i Indonesien stärker Arla stärker verksam-heten i Sydostasien.

Sydostasien är en strategisk tillväxtregion i Arlas strategi Good Growth 2020, och vi tar nu ytterligare ett steg för att bygga upp sin verksamheten i regionen. Det nyligen undertecknade joint venture-avtalet med PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk (”ICBP”) ska öka Arlas närvaro på den indonesiska marknaden.

Det nya joint venture-företaget heter Arla Indofood Sukses Makmur. Aktieägarstrukturen kommer att fördelas så att 50 procent plus 1 andel i företaget ägs av Arla och 50 procent minus 1 andel ägs av ICBP. Detta joint venture kommer att sköta försäljning, distribution och produktion av mejeriprodukter.

New Cheddar Cheese Joint Venture with DFA

Arla and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) have agreed to enter into a joint venture that includes the construction of a small dairy plant in the U.S. for cheddar cheese production. In their first collaboration ever, the two farmer-owned cooperatives plan to explore opportunities to build premium-quality standards in the cheddar category, in the world’s biggest cheese market.

  Part of the joint venture agreement is the construction of a production site in the western part of New York State, where the eight farms supplying the raw milk are placed. The joint investment is $58m (€53m) of which Arla covers 20 per cent or $11.6m (€10.3m).

The joint venture will be owned 70 per cent by DFA, who also holds the management role, 20 per cent by Arla and 10 per cent by the eight farmers who supply the milk. 30 people are expected to be employed in the joint venture.

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Arla and Egypt’s biggest dairy company in a joint venture

Arla Foods and the Egypt-based dairy company Juhayna have agreed to form a joint venture which will sell Arla’s products across Egypt.

Juhayna Food Industries is Egypt’s leading manufacturer of UHT-milk, yoghurt and juice. However, the company has a very limited production of butter, cheese and cream, which Arla has specialised in across the Middle East and Africa. Therefore the two companies will now form a joint venture company that will sell Arla’s products in Egypt.

Juhayna owns 51 per cent of the new joint venture company, while Arla owns 49 per cent. However, Arla will be in charge of the daily management of the joint venture. The ambition is for the company to also start up local production in Egypt.

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