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Study: Digestibility of goat milk infant formula

A study by Ausnutria Hyproca and research institute Triskelion (formerly known as TNO), shows that the kinetics of protein digestion of Kabrita goat milk infant formula is more comparable to that of human milk.

In the study, a dynamic in vitro digestion model (Tiny-TIM) was used to simulate the conditions in the stomach and small intestine of infants (1-6 months of age). Three samples (human milk, a cow milk infant formula and Kabrita goat milk infant formula) were tested. Results show that kinetics of protein digestion of Kabrita infant formula is similar to that of human milk, while protein digestion of the cow milk infant formula is delayed in comparison to human milk and Kabrita infant formula. The protein quality is not different among the three tested samples. The potential benefits of these results need further investigation.

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Swiss Emmi acquiers US goat’s milk producer Meyenberg

Swiss dairy Emmi has made a further acquisition in the goat’s milk sector with the purchase of US-based family-owned business Jackson-Mitchell.

Jackson-Mitchell, which is also known as Meyenberg, distributes goat’s milk and evaporated and powdered goat’s milk throughout the US. Meyenberg products are primarily available through national supermarket chains. The group also sells its products online and through regional retailers and ”speciality” businesses, Emmi noted.

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Emmi buys 60% stake in goat’s cheese maker Bettinehoeve

Emmi is to acquire a 60% stake in Dutch dairy producer Bettinehoeve, the largest producer of fresh and ripened goat’s cheese in the Benelux region.

The Swiss company called goat’s milk products one of “the most attractive niches in the international dairy industry” and added that the deal would allow it to strengthen its presence in “this attractive growth area”.

Emmi entered the international market for goat’s milk products in summer 2010 with its acquisition of US goat’s cheese producer Cypress Grove Chevre. It has gradually expanded its activities in the segment in recent years – such as in 2013 through the acquisition of a 70% stake in Dutch dairy AVH, which specialises in the export of goat’s and sheep’s milk products; and most recently in December with the purchase of US-based Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery.

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