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Arla UK expands new Fibre yogurt range with addition of plain format

Following the launch of Arla Fibre earlier this year, Arla Foods is to expand the range with the addition of a new plain variant. Introduced in response to UK government guidelines that as a nation we are not hitting the recommended 30g of fibre a day, the plain format will sit alongside the current range of four fruit-based flavours.

With no added sugar, the plain yogurt is ideal for a variety of usage occasions and provides consumers with an easy way to increase fibre intake. With 5.3g of fibre per 150g, Arla Fibre’s new plain format is a low fat source of the nutrient but without the taste or texture of fibre.

Research behind the launch of Arla Fiber in UK

Arla_fiberThe research, released to mark the launch of Arla Fibre, a new range of tasty yogurts containing 4.7g of fibre per 150g serving, also reveals that whilst 94% think it’s important to have fibre in their diet, only 6% of us, know that we’re supposed to eat 30g of fibre every day.

The tasty yogurt with added fibre, but without the taste or texture of fibre, meaning it goes completely unnoticed – nothing bland, brown or boring in sight! It’s fibre for people who can’t be fussed with fibre.

Available in four tempting flavours, Arla Fibre is a silky-smooth yogurt that’s packed with delicious fruity pieces.