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New MD at Arla UK

Ash_AmirahmadiArla Foods UK,  has announced the departure of its Managing Director, Tomas Pietrangeli, who is leaving the company to become CEO of Danish retail group Dagrofa A/S. Pietrangeli will be replaced by Ash Amirahmadi, who is currently SVP – Sales for Arla Foods in the UK.

Amirahmadi joined Arla Foods in 2004 from Unilever and has held a number of leadership roles across the business. He was appointed SVP – Sales in 2016, responsible for the company’s 120 strong Commercial Team, all UK customer relationships and global lead for Walmart and Tesco. During this time, Ash has overseen sales growth of circa £200 million and 9% growth in the company’s branded portfolio.

Amirahmadi is a graduate of Nottingham University where he studied engineering. He is of British and Iranian descent, moving to the UK from Iran during his childhood. Married to Elizabeth they have two children. He will take-up his new role on 1 July 2018 when Pietrangeli leaves.

Fødevareindustrien skruer ned for vandet på international kongres

Dansk fødevareindustri er langt fremme, når det gælder bæredygtig anvendelse af vand i produktionen. Denne viden skal deles ved at kigge Arla, Carlsberg, Danish Crown og andre over skulderen på IFC World Conference d. 14.-15. november i Herning. De hurtige kan få early-birdrabat ved tilmelding.

Dansk fødevareindustri bruger ca. 5,5 mia. liter vand, når rør, tanke og andet udstyr skal rengøres. En af storforbrugerne er mejerierne, som samtidigt producerer masser af overskudsvand, når værdistofferne er taget ud af mælken til ost, smør og pulver. Dette giver spændende muligheder for at skabe bæredygtige kredsløb. Arla Foods har sammen med Grundfos BioBooster vist vejen med et vandrensningsanlæg på Rødkærsbro Mejeri, hvor man formår at omdanne spildevand til drikkevandskvalitet, som man bruger i rengøringen. Teknologien har netop modtaget Global Water Award i Paris, og et besøg i Rødkærsbro indgår i programmet for de to faglige dage.

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Skyr soon to be available in Japan

MS Iceland Dairies has signed a production and branding agreement for Ísey skyr with Nippon Luna, which is owned by one of Japan’s largest fresh and frozen food companies, Nippon Ham.

This is the biggest production agreement has made to date, but Japan is the second largest yoghurt market in the world, after the United States.

Fans of the Icelandic skyr will have to wait a few months though because production facilities will have to be constructed in Japan, but the plan is for Ísey Skyr to hit the Japanese market in early 2019. The aim is to have Ísey skyr available in as many stores as possible in the next few years, but there are about 70.000 grocery stores.

DSM introduces benzoate-free Accelerzyme® cheese ripening enzyme

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, announces that Accelerzyme® CPG, the company’s proprietary enzyme for accelerated cheese ripening, is now benzoate-free. With this upgrade, DSM’s core portfolio of cheese enzymes – including Maxiren® XDS and Fromase® – is now completely benzoate free, allowing cheesemakers to respond to growing consumer demand for dairy products with a clean and clear label.

Milk bottles from individual cows

TOP introduces a new opportunity for entrepreneurial dairy farmers: the pasteurization and packaging of milk from single cows.

TOP bv from Wageningen in the Netherlands is developing a technology platform that enables dairy farmers to sell bottled milk from individual cows. With the technology it’ll be possible to pasteurize and package bottles of milk from individual cows. Dutch consumers will soon be able to buy milk from their very own favorite cow.

Arla emitterar obligationer för 1,5 miljarder

För att använda en bredare plattform för finansiering och refinansiering av delar av Arlas befintliga lån har Arla (Arla Foods Finance A/S) utfärdat ett nytt obligationslån på den svenska marknaden. Det är på totalt 1,5 miljarder svenska kronor och vänder sig till professionella investerare som banker, pensions-förvaltare, försäkringsbolag och fondbolag. Obligationerna kommer att komplettera andra finansieringskällor som konsolidering, hypotekslån och banklån.

South American consumers: ”We’ll pay extra for more protein”

Nearly two thirds of shoppers in South America are willing to pay extra for a food or beverage product that is higher in protein, according to a survey commissioned by Arla Foods Ingredients.

Researchers from Lindberg International asked 4,000 consumers in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia if they would spend more on buying a product if it contained more protein than a similar product. Across all three countries, 61% of respondents said they would be willing do so.

South America is a key market for Arla Foods Ingredients. In February 2018, it agreed to acquire the shares in Arla Foods Ingredients S.A, its joint-venture in Argentina, that were owned by SanCor. The move will support the company’s ambition for growth in South America.

Saputo moves activities to Mexico

Canadian cheese and dairy giant Saputo Inc. is hoping to use its international operations to milk the Mexican market in the wake of impending tariffs.

The Montreal-based company doesn’t have a large Mexican presence yet, but could see opportunities in the country crop up if U.S. dairy producers retreat from Mexico because of tariffs of up to 25 per cent on U.S. cheese exporters, says chief executive officer Lino Saputo.

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China Aims to Improve Dairy Industry

By 2020, the country should have achieved substantial results in the supply-side structural reform of the dairy industry and made marked progress in modernizing the sector, according to guidelines released by the General Office of the State Council.

Milk self-sufficiency should be maintained above 70 per cent, according to the guidelines.

By 2025, the dairy industry should have been ”invigorated in an all-round manner,” with milk supplies, dairy processing and quality, and industrial competitiveness at world-leading levels.

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