One out of three pupils does not eat breakfast

In primary school every third pupil often starts the school day on an empty stomach, in secondary school it is every second student. This is shown in a new report from Arla.

The report is based on surveys with principals, parents and students, a total of 2,567 people. And despite the result both principals and students state that breakfast improves concentration and performance and contributes to a calmer school environment.

– Now where school has starting again, it is important that all children and young people have the same conditions to concentrate and learn. It is fundamentally a question of democracy. Breakfast plays an important role in getting through the school day. If a third of the children don’t eat anything in the morning, it does not only affect their own learning, but it also affects other students as the class becomes more restless, says Erica Elfving, responsible for school breakfast at Arla.

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