The battle in Boxholm continues

At the beginning of July, Arla won a case against Boxholm Municipality and Glada Bonden Invest regarding the right to inventory in Boxholm Dairy. The decision has now been appealed to a higher court.

The small cheese dairy Boxholm has for several years been at the center of a conflict between Arla and members of the local community.  The subjects of the conflict have been different, and the means have been both lawsuits and demonstrations. The most recent case revolved which inventory was included in the purchase when Boxholm municipality bought the dairy from Arla, which shut down its cheese production in 2018. The premises were later sold on to Glada Bonden Invest, which resumed cheese production last September. At the beginning of July, the District Court in Linköping came with a verdict in the dispute. The decision was that the inventory should be returned to Arla.

Among the inventory to be returned are, for example, two cisterns, two tanks, a separator, and a cleaning machine. Boxholm municipality and Glada Bonden Invest AB must also pay the legal costs, which amount to approximately DKK 1.3 million. SEK.

Subsequently, Boxholm Municipality and Glada Bonden Invest have decided to appeal the judgment to the higher district court in Göta.

– We have consulted with our lawyers and decided in the municipal council to proceed. We don’t think that the District Court in Linköping listened to us, Claes Sjökvist, chairman of the municipal council in Boxholm, said to ATL in July.

It has not yet been decided when the appeal will come before the court in Göta.

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