Summer heat affects the milk production

Even in Sweden Dairy farmers experience, that heat stress among cows can reduce milk production as well the quality of the milk.

During the summer months, it is common for cows to suffer from heat stress, which means that they eat less, and produce less milk. SVT News recently visited dairy farmer Mats Ekström in Grillby to ask how he prevents heat stress among cows. To cool down the cows, he uses fans indoors and, in the evening, he opens the barn doors so that the cows can go outside at night.

– The symptoms on heat stress are they pant, become lazy and don’t eat, Mats Ekström explains and adds:

– We probably lose between 500-700 litres a day during the summer months.

Heat stress means that the body cannot get rid of excess heat and becomes overheated. Dairy cows have a high metabolism that generates heat and therefore they are extra sensitive.

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