Norrmejerier increases the payment to the farmers

From 1 of July Norrmejerier will increase the payment for the milk by 45 öre per kg.

– The situation is critical, Göran Olofsson, Chairman of Norrmejerier, says and explains:

– Dairy farmers have been hit hard by the dramatic increases in the costs that have taken place, especially on feed, manure, electricity and diesel. This is the background for the raising of the payment to the dairy farmers in Norrland. Norrmejerier is mainly active in the Swedish market, which means that when the price of dairy products is raised in Europe, it takes a couple of months before Swedish marked follows suit. According to Göran Olofsson it is a challenge to be a small local dairy, because it is very important to have loyal consumers who really care about the dairy farmers in Norrland.

– Consumers’ choices in stores are crucial and we hope that they are still with us in the fight for a vibrant Norrland and choose locally, Göran Olofsson says.

After the increase, a new the account price for the milk will be SEK 4.85 per kilo from 1 July 2022.

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