Ice-cream Dairy in Boden won ICA award

Tegelbrukets Hantverksmejeri in Boden won ICA’s entrepreneurship award among 200 nominees.

ICA Group annual Entrepreneur Award this year went to Tegelbrukets Hantverksmejeri in Boden. In addition to the honor is also awarded a prize money of SEK 100,000.

– With almost 1300 free stores, we are passionate about Ica for entrepreneurship. It is now the fifth year in a row that we hand out the entrepreneur award and every year I am struck by how many committed entrepreneurs there are around Sweden and how they with heart and soul manage to make their local areas flourish. Not least, this year’s local heroes are very good examples of this, says Per Strömberg, CEO of ICA-gruppen and chairman of the jury in a comment according to

During the pandemic, Tegelbrukets Hantverksmejeri managed to turn the company’s food-based event business into starting to produce craft ice cream instead, which was soon appreciated by customers in the area. The ice cream dairy is run by Emma and Sebastian Gröndal (photo).

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