Dalsspira’s chairman resigns

Two members of Dalsspira’s newly elected board are leaving their position.

Dalsspira’s chairman Per Lönn has announced to the company that he is resigning his position due to personal reasons. Mattias Gunnarson, who is a close friend of Per, also chooses to leave the board because of Per’s resignation.

The main owners and the board in the small dairy in Dalsland have begun the work of supplementing the board and will convene an extraordinary general meeting when the work is completed.

It is only ten days ago, that the owners with the equivalent of more than 30% of the votes in the company held their general meeting, where a new board were elected, with re-election of Mikael Olsson, Anna Pettersson and Per Lönn, as well as new election of Thore Johansson and Mattias Gunnarsson. Per Lönn was appointed Chairman of the Board.

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