Dalsspira dairy is granted a corporate reorganization

Dalsspira dairy has applied for reconstruction and Vänersborg District Court will take decision on a company reorganization for Dalsspira dairy AB today.

In a press release the dairy writes, that the reconstruction will be led by the CEO in collaboration with the proposed reconstructor Marcus Wenner at Swedish company reconstruction 180grader.se.

The application for corporate reorganization is a consequence of the lack of liquidity due to changed buying behaviour during the covid pandemic, which has had a negative effect on operations.

Sales development in Dalsspira was positive until the spring of 2020 with increasing sales, but consumers’ changed buying behaviour due to restrictions of covid-19 led to a lower demand for fresh milk in favour of pasteurized milk with a longer shelf life. Furthermore, the restrictions led to a reduction in tourism on the west coast, which also had a negative effect on the Company. The change has led to an ever-lower sales volume for Dalsspira dairy of fresh milk that could not be compensated.

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