Arla will inspire 40.000 gamers to healthier food and drinks

DreamHack Summer 2022 in Jönköping is the world’s largest digital festival taking place 18.-21. June. Gaming is often associated with junk food, but Arla will be present with smoothies and other healthy alternatives.

The computer game festival, arranged by Elima, started Friday and continues until Tuesday with LAN, e-sports event, DreamExpo, cosplay and much more. Together with Johan Hedberg, better known as Matgeek, Arla will serve breakfast, snacks, and supper to the approximately 40,000 gamers. The purpose is to contribute with nutritious food alternatives and inspire good eating habits.

– There is a lot of junk food in the gaming world. We are on hand to offer healthy and nutritious alternatives that give participants the energy to play and perform at a high level every three days. Together with Matgeek, we want to show that it is easy to eat right, says Fredrik Larm, event manager at Arla.

All income from food sales goes to Bris (Barnens rätt i samhället).

– We are very happy to be together with Arla in this context and make Bris visible to the target group. It is because of gifts like this that the national guideline for children can continue to be open around the clock, Heléne Tibblin, collection manager at Bris says.

Furthermore, there will be an Arla-sponsored area at the festival with room for 150 people. In this area Arla’s staff will among other things will by serving smoothies, food and offering a cooler bag with products. Participants need to request a Dream hack or switch between them to get a seat in the Arla’s area.

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