A new biogas truck from Arla rolls in the streets of Gotland

Arla continues its investment in sustainability with a new biogas truck in Gotland. The gas is produced from cow manure from Arla-farms on Gotland.

In 2018, Arla was the first in Sweden to convert all its heavy transports to 100 percent fossil-free biofuel. To continue the transition to sustainable transport, Arla began investing in biogas in 2019 and has since rolled out fourteen biogas trucks and now another one will be stationed on Gotland.

– On Gotland, there are many Arla-farms that supply fertilizer for biogas production. By producing biogas from cow manure, the climate footprint from the farms is reduced. In addition, they get an odourless biofertilizer back to the fields. There is an incredible potential to connect the cycle and reduce the climate impact from both the farms and from society at large, Victoria Olsson, head of sustainability at Arla Sweden, says in a press release.

Previously, Arla’s calculations have shown that the potential of biogas production from cow manure from Arla-farms throughout Sweden corresponds to approximately 54 million litres of diesel.

On Tuesday 5 July, Arla will be present with the new biogas truck in Almedalen to talk about sustainable transport.

Read the full press release HERE