Wrångebäcksost is given a protected designation of origin

Wrångebäcksost is now registered with a protected designation of origin, which means that it can only be produced with decided regulations in the area traditionally called Guldkroken, around Hjo on the western shore of Lake Vättern.

It is the European Commission that has decided to protect the product Wrångebäcksost through the EU’s quality system for protected designations (PDO)

– The registration is an important proof of the product’s quality and that the name guarantees the product’s origin and properties. Producers now can report products that are manufactured in accordance with the regulations, Jan Sjögren, department manager at the Swedish Food Agency, says

At Almnäs bruk – a manor and farmhouse dairy in the Guldkroken area – Wrångebäckost has been produced since 1889 – with a little break from 1961 to 2008.

‘Almnäs registered the brand Wrångebäck Sweden on April 8, 1889, making it Sweden’s oldest registered cheese brand. the farmhouse dairy begins tells on its homepage, where the flavour is described as follows:

‘In classic Swedish literature, Wrångebäck is described as the archetype of the great Swedish Manor cheese. Its aroma is slightly tangy, calling to mind the grassy-milky scent of a warm cow barn. Wrångebäck has a slightly tart, complex umami flavour, and the mouthfeel is smooth, dense, and creamy. The storage time is between 10 and 15 months’

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