Milk information at heart level

Milk is good, healthy, and environmentally smart! This is the message on the website hjertamjö, which LRF Mjölk is behind since 2016.

Hjärta mjölk inform about the newest research on milk and dairy products from cows to consumers – and communicates especially to people working with children and food.

Recent posts on Hjärta mjölk’s website, Facebook and Instagram are about colostrum – “the first milk that the cow produces after calving. It is one of the richest sources of antibodies available because calves are born without protection against infections and must quickly ingest antibodies through food to survive.”

The article also contains more curious information about colostrum, that even the readership on this dairynews site, might not know – such as:

“In the past, rich farmers distributed colostrum on the church steps after the service to the sick and poor so that they would stay healthy. It was also common for peasant women to give colostrum to each other and party eating ‘kalvdans’ – Sweden’s answer to wedding pudding. ‘Kalvdans’ is also called colostrum pancake or veal cheese and is a dessert made from colostrum.”

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