Arla’s second electric truck is on the street

Last year, Arla’s first electric truck was put into operation in Gothenburg and now Arla has upgraded its fleet with another fully electric truck in Stockholm.

From this week some stores in Stockholm’s inner city will have dairy products from Arla’s dairy in Kallhäll delivered with an electric distribution truck. The electric truck is part of Arla’s ambition to contribute to better air quality and more quiet transports in densely populated areas.

Arla’s own heavy transports in Sweden have been fossil-free since 2018, but according to Malin Leander, logistics director, Arla also want to be frontrunner when it comes to more quiet and safer food deliveries in the inner city.

– The improved air quality and reduced noise are at least as important as reducing climate emissions , Malin Leander, says

Since 2005, Arla has reduced CO2 emissions from transport in Sweden by 75 percent and the journey continues. Going forward, Arla will continue to invest in electric, quiet and completely exhaust-free transport in densely populated areas. For milk transports in rural areas between farms and dairies, Arla will continue to invest in biogas trucks. By converting cow manure from the farms to biogas, the cycle is closed.

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