Norrmejerier looks forward with confidence despite a weak 2021

Norrmejerier has the future ahead of it, but a weak result behind it, Krister Zackari, Norrmejerier’s CEO,sums up  the annual accounts 2021 — and states that the interest in locally produced and sustainable food is intact.

The annual accounts from Norrmejerier show that the result, after financial items, landed at 16.4 million SEK as opposed to 63 million SEK last year, and that the turnover was SEK 1,959 million as opposed to 2,023 million the year before.

– Our fixed costs have escalated in recent years despite unchanged volumes. This led to a negative result, which is of course disappointing, says Norrmejerier’s CEO, Krister Zackari in the report.

– The steadily rising costs have also affected the profitability for milk producers. As a partial compensation, Norrmejerier in June 2021 raised the payment for milk by 35 øre per. kg and in February 2022 with 40 øre per. kg, which feels good, Göran Olofsson Norrmejerier’s chairman of the board, says..

In order to improve, streamline and find savings, Norrmejerier launched an internal program called the “transformation journey” during 2021, which among other things meant cuts in the workforce.

– 2021 also contained many positive events. For example, both investment and the number of inhabitants in Norrland increased. Norrmejerier’s grilled cheese was well received, and sales of our Västerbotten cheese brand continue to grow, Krister Zackari says.

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