Norrmejerier increases the payment to the farmers

To compensate partly for the cost increases on the farms, Norrmejerier will increase the payment for milk by 30 öre per kg from 1 May 2022.

The price increases on almost all inputs on the farms are hitting the Norrland dairy farms hard.

– We get signals that the cost situation on the farms are getting tougher. We hear discussions about reducing the number of animals and abandoning fields. We see investments being stopped or postponed to the future. There are also farmers talking about quitting farming, and that is serious, because a closed down farm does not start up again, Göran Olofsson, Norrmejerier’s chairman, says.

He emphasizes that the increased payment from the dairy does not solve the whole problem and he encourages consumers to choose local food on the shelves to support the food production in Norrland

– Milk and dairy products are the backbone of northern agriculture. It is extremely important for Norrland, that the consumers continue to buy local milk and dairy products, now and in the future. It is together that we can make a difference, he says.

The new on-account price for conventional milk will be 439 öre per kilo and for organic milk, 519 öre per kilo from 1 May 2022.

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