Farmhouse dairy is closing due to increased costs

Isåsa Landbruk AB closes its farmhouse dairy to concentrate on the core business, which is agriculture and forestry.

In a Facebook-post the owners of Isåsa Landbruk AB / Isåsa Mejeri explain why they take a break from dairy business:

– The dairy will be dormant for a while, so you will not be able to find our milk and whipped cream in the stores from March. We have made this decision due to a scary picture of the future costs in form of extreme energy prices for electricity and fuel, but also increased prices on our inputs to the dairy, e.g., packaging.

– Instead, we will invest in the farms core operations, which are agriculture and forestry in the same spirit as our family has done for the past 300 years.

The owners emphasize that they will not sell the dairy but leave the business dormant for the time being. The Facebook-post ends with a big thank you to the dairy’s customers.

Isåsa Lantbruk AB is an organic farm with milk production close to Næssjö, near Jönköping. In 2016, the farm started its own dairy.

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