A record number of dairy farmers will receive a medal from the king

In one week, Monday 4 April, 56 dairy farmers from all over Sweden will receive LRF Milk’s gold medal for delivering milk of top quality for at least 23 years.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm is the setting for the event, where the king awards gold medals to 56 Swedish dairy farmers next Monday.

Last year’s ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic that is why there are a record number of gold medalists this year.

LRF Milk’s gold medal is the highest award given to reward the quality of the milk. The criterion is at least 23 years of delivery of milk of the highest quality. Since the start in 1958, the medal has been handed over by a representative from the Swedish Royal Family. This year’s 56 gold medal farms have from 15 to 320 cows and the winners are from 51-77 years. 7 of the farms are organic.
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