A challenging year for Dalsspira Dairy

The annual report for Dalspira dairy shows a decrease in net revenue of 16 percent in the fourth quarter to SEK 5.7 million.

Dalsspira states in the year-end report that 2021 was a challenging year for the company writes Food-supply.se

– The restrictions hit us hard and set us back in the the physical sales work, which has had major consequences, especially for the milk sales. Concerning the grill cheese, we have noticed increased competition, says CEO Mikael Olsson, who took office at the turn of the year.

– Overall, the future goal is to continue the sale of grill cheese to the shops and restaurant, but we will also pursue an offensive track with new launches. Furthermore, it is a high priority to increase sales of drinking milk in order to achieve a positive result for the company, the CEO says in the annual report.

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