Threats from animal rights activists affect young farmers

Younger animal farmers lose faith in the future because of animal rights activism, shows new study from SLU

– It is quite ominous if those who will drive Swedish food production forward are hesitant and do not dare to invest, Peter Lundqvist, professor of work science at SLU, says.

He is one of the researchers behind the study: ’Criticism, crime and threats to Swedish animal production’.

The study started in the summer of 2020 and almost 10,000 farmers were asked about their experiences. The answers show reduced confidence in the future. The animal producers are affected both personally and as entrepreneurs by animal rights activists and other crime.

The study also shows a low level of confidence in the police’s efforts. Many of the vulnerable farmers do not report incidents because they have the impression that it will not lead to anything. Of the respondents, 65 percent state that they have not made any report.

– This is about a major problem, that you have lost confidence in society, Peter Lundqvist says.

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