The dairy industry lacks skilled labor

A new report shows that both dairy farms and dairies have a great need for recruitment and skills.

Arla encourages more people to apply to the dairy and dairy industry. Both Arla-farmers and dairy managers state that they would have hired more employees, if it was easier to find staff with the right skills.

– We want to attract more people who are interested in animals, nature, and good, healthy, and sustainable food to our industry. But also, those who want to work with automation, digitization, logistics and technology have great reasons to be interested in both agriculture and the food industry in Sweden, says Kai Gyllström, CEO of Arla Sweden in a press release.

Arla has conducted two surveys on recruitment and skills needs in the future, one among Arla farmers and one among Arla’s dairy managers. Both surveys show that dairy business need to recruit more people in the future. The biggest obstacle of doing so is the lack of skills.

At present, there are almost 2,200 employees at Arla’s twelve dairies. In the coming year alone, it is estimated that more than 100 people will need to be employed.

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